Our Family Trees

The family trees on this blog are WikiTree widgets, which means that they are updated "live" whenever I make changes at the WikiTree website. In other words, they will change from time to time as more information, dates, photos, and family members are added.

Family trees will continue to be added as I work my way through the files I have for family members.

Here are the trees for these individuals:

My Side of the Family

Clair Harris Zarges (me)

Elva Crabtree Harris Rodriguez (my mother)

David Jewett Crabb/Crabtree (my maternal grandfather)

Edith Rae Giberson Crabtree (my maternal grandmother)

David Jewett Crabtree, Jr. (my maternal uncle)

David Clifford Crabtree (my first cousin)

Sarah Ann Kinney Crabtree (my maternal great grandmother, mother of David Jewett Crabb)

John Shepherd Kinney (my great great grandfather)

Randolph Giberson (my maternal great uncle)

Daniel Lawrence Harris (my father)

Eva Ellis Harris (my paternal grandmother)

Ben VandenBoom (my son's Dutch ancestors)

Bill's Side of the Family

Bill Zarges, Jr. (my husband)

Amalio Mallozzi (Bill's maternal uncle)

Mary Mallozzi (Bill's maternal aunt)

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