Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Little About My Grandfather, and a Surprise From Uncle Murray

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My grandfather was born in Greenfield, New Brunswick, Canada, one of 13 children. He and my grandmother (who was born in Lower Perth, New Brunswick) also had 13 children--you can see most of that family (there was one more to be born) in the header photo at the top of this blog. His siblings and their children are all listed below.

I never got to meet my grandfather, as my family had moved out to California from Maine shortly after my birth. When my mother and I went by train to visit the family in Maine (probably around 1947?), for some reason we didn't see see my grandfather. I know that my grandmother Edith had died by then, but my grandfather David was still living at that point. Perhaps he was up in New Brunswick and it was too far for us to journey.

I did, however, meet my Uncle Murray Victory (then married to Aunt Gladys, who later married a Hudgins) on his farm. Because Uncle Murray was the first person I had ever met who could take his teeth out I decided that he must be my grandfather. He further endeared himself to me by sending a stream of milk directly into my mouth as I watched him milk a cow. That was a big surprise to a San Francisco city girl!

Here are David's siblings and his children. All names are clickable for more information.

David Jewett Crabb (name legally changed to Crabtree in 1910)


  1. Where in the world did you find that list of his siblings?

    1. The sources:
      Family interview (in your handwriting!).

      Kith and Kin of the Kinneys, by Fern Gallup Kinney. [nd].

      Personal correspondence with Glenn Crabtree, s/o Everett Crabtree.

    2. By the way, it isn't obvious from looking at the post above, but all those names are clickable for more information.


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