Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jennie and Andrew Mitchell, Missionaries

I knew that many in my mother's family were preachers, but I really didn't know about the great numbers of missionaries who have served all over the world. This video features Jennie and Andrew Mitchell, their family, and the Go Ye Fellowship, a missionary sending organization founded in California in 1932.

Below the video is Andrew Mitchell's obituary, which tells us that all six of his children were ministers, and five of them were foreign missionaries.

If you would like to see some of the inspirational plaques he designed, go to  

Obituary courtesy of Mary Morken on Used with her kind permission. 

Andrew is my second cousin, twice removed. This is how we are connected:

Andrew Edgar Mitchell (1877 - 1964)
2nd cousin 2x removed

Martha Kinney (1846 - 1938)
Mother of Andrew Edgar Mitchell

Daniel Kinney (1799 - )
Father of Martha Kinney

Stephen KINNEY (1771 - 1837)
Father of Daniel Kinney

John Shepherd KINNEY (1802 - 1872)
Son of Stephen KINNEY

Sarah Ann KINNEY (1842 - 1935)
Daughter of John Shepherd KINNEY

David Jewett CRABTREE Sr. (1875 - 1954)
Son of Sarah Ann KINNEY

Elva Myrtle CRABTREE (1914 - 1998)
Daughter of David Jewett CRABTREE Sr.

Clair Marie Harris
You are the daughter of Elva Myrtle CRABTREE

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

More Famous Ancestors: American Presidents

Cousin Richard
From Biography

I'm still checking for famous ancestors via the WikiTree Relationship Finder, and am surprised to learn how many U.S. Presidents are my relatives.

I went down through the whole list of 45 in order, while nervously eyeing some of the more modern Presidents at the end of the list. It was almost a relief to find that the family trees from Jimmy Carter to the present are all private. However, Richard Nixon turns out to be my 10th cousin. He might be yours, too--I'll be happy to share him.

Here are my famous Presidential relatives, in chronological order:

William Henry Harrison. 7th cousin, 5 x removed. *

Millard Fillmore. 7th cousin, 5 x removed.

Ulysses S. Grant. 5th cousin, 4 x removed.

Rutherford B. Hayes. 6th cousin, 4 x removed.

James Garfield. 11th cousin, twice removed.

Grover Cleveland. 8th cousin, 4 x removed.

Benjamin Harrison. 9th cousin, 3 x removed.

Theodore Roosevelt. 8th cousin, 3 x removed.

William H. Taft. 9th cousin, twice removed.

Calvin Coolidge. 8th cousin, once removed.

Herbert Hoover. 6th cousin, 3 x removed.

Franklin Roosevelt. 8th cousin, once removed.

Richard Nixon. 10th cousin. We share a 9th great grandfather, John Newhall, who was born about 1557 and died about 1605 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England.

Gerald Ford. 8th cousin, once removed.


*Understand the Difference Between Second Cousins and Cousins Once Removed.