Monday, July 15, 2019

Another Wonderful Kinney Family Photo

From my cousin by marriage, Nancy Kinney:

The attached five generation photo was passed on to us by Duane Crabtree. It needed some repair from years of use, so Mark fixed it. The people are Gerald Lewis Kinney with his son Gerald Baldwin Kinney, his mother Anna Thomas Kinney, his grandmother, Sarah Ermina Crabtree Thomas and his great grandmother (seated, eyes closed) Sarah Ann (Annie) Kinney.

Left to right: Gerald Baldwin Kinney in the lap of his father, Gerald Lewis Kinney; Anna Thomas Kinney (Gerald's mother); Sarah Ermina Crabtree (Gerald's great grandmother); and Sarah Ann (Annie) Kinney.

How these people are related to me:

Duane Crabtree, who gave the photo to Nancy Kinney, is my second cousin. 

Nancy Pearson Kinney, who passed on the photo to me, is the wife of Mark Kinney, my second cousin once removed and son of Gerald Lewis Kinney. Many thanks, as always, to Nancy for generously sharing family photos and genealogy with me, and to her husband, Mark Kinney, for his repairs to the photo.

In the photo: 

Gerald Lewis Kinney (1907-1963) is my second cousin; his son, Gerald Baldwin Kinney (born 1933) is my 2nd cousin once removed. 

Anna Thomas Kinney (1887-1962) is my first cousin, once removed.

Sarah Ermina Crabtree (1867-1938) is my great aunt (sister of my maternal grandfather, David Crabtree)

Sarah Ann (Annie) Kinney (1842-1935) is my great grandmother (mother of my maternal grandfather, David Crabtree).

Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Treasure of a Photo

In 2014 my fellow family historian Patricia Pickard took a road trip to Milo, Maine to find the childhood home of my Aunt Sadie. You can read about her trip in Sadie's Pleasant View Farm Found. Here is the photo that she took.

I recently received this note and photo from my cousin, Nancy Kinney. 

Dear Clair,
It's been a while since we communicated. I hope that you are well and happy.
I'm still working on the book on Gerald Lewis Kinney, my father-in-law. the projected completion date is June. I want it to be ready for our Kinney family reunion this summer. 
Recently my brother-in-law sent us a scrapbook that my father-in-law made in 1927-1935.  There was a loose photo inside and when I recognized what it was I remembered that you were looking for Pleasant View Farm in Milo and it's in this picture. On the left is your Sadie and her Aunt Sadie (Sarah Errmina Crabtree Thomas) The couple on the right is Anna Thomas Kinney and Charles Lewis Kinney, Gerald's parents. We don't know the boy in the back unless it is Henry Crabtree who lived with Aunt Sadie Thomas at the same time as your Aunt Sadie. Do you recognize him?
Pleasant View Farm, Milo, Maine c. 1930
L to R: My Aunt Sadie (Sadie Crabtree Ayotte Ariel), her Aunt Sadie (Sarah Ermina Crabtree Thomas), unknown boy (Henry?), Anna Thomas Kinney, and Charles Lewis Kinney
I wish that I could share this photo with Pat Pickard, but she sadly died February 17, 2019. She would have loved the photo, and I'll bet she could have identified the mystery boy, too. 

Many thanks to Nancy Kinney for this treasure of a photo.


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