Friday, January 24, 2014

The Kinney Siblings

Allen, Aaron, Shep (looking like Teddy Roosevelt), Richard
Susan, Adelia, Annie

I came across this beautiful photo when searching for information about my Great Grandmother, Annie Kinney. It is part of a memorial on the Find a Grave website maintained for Annie's brother, John Shepherd "Uncle Shep" Kinney, Jr. I'd like to thank Dale Safford for giving her permission for the use of the photo and for maintaining the online memorial; and Janet Feldhusen (great-granddaughter of Uncle Shep) for contributing photos for the memorial. 

Since Shep died in 1918, and because there is no date on the photo, we can date it as being taken sometime before that year. I love the sweet faces of these people; and I especially love looking into the eyes of Annie Kinney, the great grandmother I never got to meet. If you look closely, you can see that she is wearing rimless glasses. She was practically blind when she was older. 

These were the children of John Shepherd Kinney, Sr. (1802-1872) and Sarah Crabtree (1820-1887). Yes, if you think about it, you can see that Sarah Crabtree married a Kinney, becoming Sarah Crabtree Kinney; and that her daughter, Sarah Ann Kinney, married a Crabtree, becoming Sarah Ann Kinney Crabtree. 

From left to right, starting with the back row:
Charles Allen (called Allen) 1858-1934 
Aaron 1841-1925 
John Shepherd "Shep" 1837-1918  
Richard 1856-1932

Front row, left to right: 
Susan Kinney Campbell 1848-1934 
Adelia Kinney Parent 1850-1933
Sarah Ann "Annie" Kinney Crabtree 1842-1935 

Annie was my mother's father's mother.
My mother: Elva Crabtree Harris; her father, David Jewett Crabtree; his mother, Sarah Ann "Annie" Kinney Crabtree.


  1. I have Kinney, Giberson, and Crabtree ancestors. Susannah Hood is on my maternal line, very probably. I have done mitocondrial DNA and autosomal DNA tests as well as Y Chromosome. I am currently looking for a DNA match by the name of Clair Zarges who has numerous Crabtree and Kinney ancestors in NB. Would that be you? I believe I may have a DNA match by the name of Zarges at Family Tree DNA as well. If you are the Clair Zarges I am looking for, let me know. I have some DNA matches on the X chromosome who connect to Susannah Hood’s family, and one mitochondrial match that did not test far enough to match me, but is in the same mtdna family tree, which is enormous and ancient. It is difficult to find mtdna matches within historical and genealogy time scales but I am working hard at proving my maternal line back to the middle ages.

  2. Looking further, I see you are indeed the Clair I am seeking. I see your Crabtree line, which is no doubt our genealogical and genetic connection.

  3. Brant, I'm glad you found me. Are you on GEDmatch? I am new to DNA comparisons and lingo, but am learning as fast as I can. I'd love to check out our match. What's next?


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