Monday, July 15, 2019

Another Wonderful Kinney Family Photo

From my cousin by marriage, Nancy Kinney:

The attached five generation photo was passed on to us by Duane Crabtree. It needed some repair from years of use, so Mark fixed it. The people are Gerald Lewis Kinney with his son Gerald Baldwin Kinney, his mother Anna Thomas Kinney, his grandmother, Sarah Ermina Crabtree Thomas and his great grandmother (seated, eyes closed) Sarah Ann (Annie) Kinney.

Left to right: Gerald Baldwin Kinney in the lap of his father, Gerald Lewis Kinney; Anna Thomas Kinney (Gerald's mother); Sarah Ermina Crabtree (Gerald's great grandmother); and Sarah Ann (Annie) Kinney.

How these people are related to me:

Duane Crabtree, who gave the photo to Nancy Kinney, is my second cousin. 

Nancy Pearson Kinney, who passed on the photo to me, is the wife of Mark Kinney, my second cousin once removed and son of Gerald Lewis Kinney. Many thanks, as always, to Nancy for generously sharing family photos and genealogy with me, and to her husband, Mark Kinney, for his repairs to the photo.

In the photo: 

Gerald Lewis Kinney (1907-1963) is my second cousin; his son, Gerald Baldwin Kinney (born May 19, 1932 and, as of July 2019, living in North Carolina, according to Nancy) is my 2nd cousin once removed. 

Anna Thomas Kinney (1887-1962) is my first cousin, once removed.

Sarah Ermina Crabtree (1867-1938) is my great aunt (sister of my maternal grandfather, David Crabtree)

Sarah Ann (Annie) Kinney (1842-1935) is my great grandmother (mother of my maternal grandfather, David Crabtree).