Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Nicknames

I don't ever remember any of my grandparents; three of them were already dead by the time I was born. Although I might have met my maternal grandmother when I was an infant, my parents and I moved across the country when I was only three months old and she died before I saw her again. So, even though I don't really know what I might have called my grandmothers or grandfathers, I always felt a little jealous of friends and relatives who referred to their Mimi, or Grampy, or Memere, etc. 

Recently, one of Bill's cousins sent some photos of a branch of the Mallozzi family to her daughter, along with the nicknames for her aunts, uncles, and grandparents. She was kind enough to send us a set, too. I was charmed by the names, and hope you might be, too. Here they are. 

Aunt Annie, Noni, Meema, and Beebop

Beebop, Uncle Eddie, [Phil], Meema, Aunt Annie, Boompa and Uncle Jimmy

Boompa, his brother Jimmy, Jimmy's wife Kaye, Mooma, Donnasue

Meema, Beebop, Boompa, Uncle Jimmy, Mooma, Donnasue
Noni & Meema
Uncle Eddie, Aunt Annie and Noni

Uncle Eddie, Aunt Annie and Noni
What do you call your grandparents?

Key to the family shown:

Noni: Allesandra Mallozzi, who was Bill's grandmother (her husband, Vincenzo, is not shown). Bill's mother was a Mallozzi and was another daughter of Allesandra and Vincenzo; and sister to Frances.

Meema: Frances Mallozzi Tucciarone (Allesandra and Vincenzo's daughter)
Beebop: John Tucciarone (Frances' husband)

Aunt Annie: Anna Tucciarone Abazia (daughter of Frances and John)
Uncle Eddie: Ed Abazia (Anna's husband-to-be)

Boompa: Phil Tucciarone (Frances and John's son; brother of Anna)
Mooma: Lydia Tucciarone (husband of Phil)

Uncle Jimmy: Jimmy Tucciarone (Frances and John's son; Phil and Anna's brother)

Donnasue Tucciarone (daughter of Phil and Lydia)


  1. I got this comment from my half-sister, Joan:

    This family nickname subject hit a nerve in me. Its' such a shame you didn't know your grandparents. I never knew how lucky I am to remember things that happened to me when I was 2 and 3 yrs old--how? just don't know but there are
    scenarios implanted in my brain that I remember way back then. Grandma Harrington, Daddys' grandmother ( the one whose clock I have on my mantle -and this clock started a family feud when she died--did we ever talk about that ? it is a very interesting story--Warren keeps the clock in excellent time chiming in the most beautiful tones--but I digress) on his mother’s side who would be my great-grandmother --I remember visiting her at her old country home in NH --she was in a rocking chair on the porch --she wore her hair pulled back in a little 'bun'--I can't remember her walking very much but she is fresh in my mind even now. I remember sitting on a blanket under a tree and kept trying to say 'spots' for the shadows the leaves were making--but everyone thought I was saying 'pots' and kept running me to the potty-- I think I was just toddling  at the time-- really a great memory. Her name was always Gramma.

    Then Daddy’s mother (Eva Harris) was always Mimi to me, Dads' father (Albert) was Baba to me, then to everyone I guess. You probably knew Eva’s sister (Buddys' Mom ) named Ellen was nicknamed Nellie.

    The story about the clock--- after Gramma died all her children wanted the 'clock'. Well you couldn't chop it up and give all a pieceso it went to Mimi, she was probably the oldest-- but there were hard feelings about it for years and many did not talk to each other for a long time.

    I lived for the remainder of my life with my mother and her parents Nana and Papa ( Catherine and Paul Foley) and thru the war (WW ll that is ) with all the relatives that could get crammed into one large apartment, aunts, uncles, cousins, in and out of the Army-- I can always remember the big Thanksgiving dinners we had --with someone always overseas to be prayed for.

    Now I am a Grandmother and Great also-- we had 5 of our children their spouses, 6 grandchildren, and 3 greatgrands the Sunday after Thanksgiving and Warren and I are Grampa and Nana --Mom and Dad-- I just hope they remember .   

  2. Clair, This was a great post. I, too, remember being a little jealous of the kids that knew their grandparents and had relationships with them. I remember being at my paternal grandfather's home when I was about six, partly because we have a picture of me and my mother with my grandfather on his porch. My maternal grandmother is vaguely familiar, and I remember seeing her twice. I really never had close relationships with any extended family.

    My grands, however, live right down the street. We are Grammy and Poppy, and drop everything at a moment's notice when they say, "Hey, let's go...." where ever! I'm making up for my own lost childhood relationships, I guess!

  3. Claire -- love these pics and blog entry.... noticed the traditional 'venetian blinds' and 'big print' curtains... in the backgrounds...along with the oil&vinegar decanters on the table. Glad you liked the video fo the Italian Christmas 'gathering'. I grew up in an Italian/Irish neighborhood... and had the wonderful opps to share in the Italian festivities such as wine making in their basements, cooking baked items, simmering sauces... and my Sicilian and Milan friends enjoyed my mom's Irish breads and fruit desert cakes. They never really came back for seconds when we served mutton stew and corned beef with fried cabbage (LOL).
    Thank you for sharing this blog and pics ... and someday (yes someday) I would like to do similar as you have about -- grandparents. Why? Brian (and I) had the wonderful opp to have his grandma (from Czechoslavakia)live with his family .. and she lived to 104 ... and I knew her very well as well.. as we dated since teens. She danced at our wedding at age 92... and baked her own bread until she was 100 ... only the last 4 years (until 104) did she weaken physically. Many table gathering photos are in photo boxes and albums... of his family and mine (when relatives came over from Ireland to visit).. Someday .. yes someday .. I hope to buy a slide/negative converter so I can digitalize these family photos....
    Did you use a converter ? if so - what kind etc ?
    again thank you .. and wishing you and yours .. a Merry Christmas and Healthy Happy New Year !!!

  4. To Breeda (Anonymous), I haven't worked with slides yet. So far, I've just been scanning photos. I did get some old 8 mm family movies put on DVD, but am having trouble putting clips on the blog. I'll figure that out.

    A friend told me that his printer came with a slide converter. We're shopping for a printer now, maybe we can find one. I'll let you know.

    I would encourage you to set up a simple blog and put up a photo or two. You can do the whole process in a manner of minutes (and my old student Patrick can help), then later you can embellish and add stuff. Once you get started, you can add posts when you have time. My original plan was to do two posts a week, and that was a little ambitious.

    Click on the "Geneabloggers" icon for lots of ideas (too MANY ideas, actually!).


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