Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mallozzi-Zarges Wedding, Part 3: The Reception

The wedding, Part 1 (The Beautiful Bride) and Part 2 (At the Church)

To wind up the story of the wedding ceremony for Delia Mallozzi and William Zarges, we have some photos that were taken at the reception and at the family home.

Left to right: Mary Mallozzi, Phil Mallozzi,  Frances Mallozzi, William Zarges, Delia Mallozzi Zarges, Alesandra (Noni) Mallozzi, Gennaro Mallozzi, Vincenzo (Papa) Mallozzi, Filippina (Pucci) Mallozzi, and Amalio Mallozzi.

The bride, Delia

Getting ready to throw the garter

Such an interesting photo: An unknown sailor with Mary Mallozzi, and the bride and groom. Did Mary, who never married,  once have a boyfriend? Sadly, there is probably no one left alive who would be able to tell us.

Mary Mallozzi, the maid of honor, dances with the best man

The wedding supper


  1. I love these posts about your family with these pictures. A great record for safe keeping of photos and memories, I'm sure...but a lot of fun for those of us following along, too!

  2. What a beautiful blog, Clairz!
    I am glad I found your lovely family's photos and memories.


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