Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mallozzi-Zarges Wedding, Part 1: The Beautiful Bride

In Stamford, Connecticut, on a warm July day in 1947, Delia Mallozzi and William Zarges got married. Here are some of the photos from their wedding album. 

Although our children were never to know Bill's* mother, Delia (their grandmother), I am sure that they will appreciate this glimpse into the beginning of a marriage that made such a difference to all of us who followed. 

The home of Delia's parents remained in the family and will look very familiar to our kids. Much of the furniture, and even the arrangement of the rooms, remained the same until the recent death of Delia's sister, Mary Mallozzi. 
The beautiful bride, Delia Mallozzi

Delia and her sister and maid of honor, Mary Mallozzi

Delia and her mother

The wedding party on the front steps of the family home on Wilson Street

Delia and her father arrive at the church

* The names get a little confusing. Delia and Bill (Sr.) were the parents of my husband, Bill (Jr.). One of Bill Jr.'s children is named Delia, for her grandmother. 


  1. That house was a time capsule!

  2. I'm enjoying these posts and the picutures. So many correlate to pictures I have of my family. Things seem so much more "gracious" when view in these old pictures. I'm wondering if our pictures with colors faded to give us orange faces will have the same "feel" for our children and grandchildren!

  3. Just looked at this blog (as I looked at the recipe one last time) - how sweet this is! I love the photos and reading about the past. Delia looks so beautiful...almost like a young brunette Madonna...What a lovely thing to do for your family to enjoy! You're fortunate you have the photos too! xxx


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