Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Generations

I've always thought that the Zarges men looked alike when they were little boys. Here is our chance to find out, as we are lucky enough to have photos of five generations.

We start with Christopher (Little Chris) Zarges:



Little Chris' father: 

"Big Chris," 1980

"Big Chris," his wife, Aimee, and children (l. to r.) Emily, Isabella, and Little Chris, 2000

Little Chris' grandfather:

Bill Zarges, Jr., born in 1948

Bill Zarges in 1982

Little Chris' great-grandfather:

William Zarges, Sr. as a child, on the right, 1922 (?)
(Shown with his father, John Zarges, and sister, Trudy)

William Zarges, Sr. in France in 1945

Little Chris' great-great-grandfather:

I'm pretty sure that this is John Zarges (1877-1954), as a boy in Germany

John Zarges as a young man (you can see him with his children, a few photos above)

Do you think that there is a family resemblance?

The boys, left to right:
John's son, William, on the right;
William's son, William, Jr.;
William, Jr.'s son Chris

The men (left to right):
John's son, William;
William's son, William, Jr.;
William Jr.'s son, Chris, who is with daughter Isabella and son Little Chris


  1. Quintuplets (ok, spanning several decades, but quintuplets nonetheless)!

  2. lol those are some strong bloodlines!


  3. In the last 'group'photographs I thought no3 and no6 were very,very alike,also the child in no2 resembled no3 and no4.There are strong genes in your family and I can see why you think they are all so alike.

  4. Loved the photos just for the sake of the photos! But yes, they look like repeats of the same peson, just dressed for different time periods. You should do a collage, put it in B&W, then make a jigsaw puzzle out of it! Bet that might be a tough one to put together....

  5. Such an interesting family album, from then to now! You inspire me, would be great to make something like that.. Thanks for your comment on my SkyWatch Friday! :)


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