Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Trips in New York

As I sort through our family photos, I love to gather up small collections. These three are from various trips made by Bill's family. The first was from the honeymoon trip made by his parents, Bill and Delia. The photo is on a postcard that was mailed home to the family in July of 1946. Although the falls look pretty fake and the photo was probably done in a studio, they were visiting the real Niagara Falls at the time.

Bill and Delia Zarges

The second photo comes from a family vacation to the Adirondacks. Delia now has two boys, so that would put the date at around 1956-57.  

Delia, Ronnie, and Billy (I love that they all seem to be reading!)

The third item is scanned from a large chalk drawing of the two boys, back at Niagara Falls. Do you remember when sidewalk artists were available at vacation spots to make a quick sketch of the kids? I have some crumbling ones done of my sister and myself at Knott's Berry Farm that I would like to get scanned. This one has survived pretty well, given all the family moves it has been through, but I am glad that it is now in digital format and free from harm. 

Ronnie and Billy, Niagara Falls, 1956


  1. Love the photos and the post! Little Dad reading with his legs crossed looks very familiar even today! xoxo

  2. The drawing is great! And the old photos must bring back tons of memories.

  3. Old photos are just an entire story in and of themselves. Adorable little boys, and that's a long time for a drawing to have survived, isn't it?!

  4. Hey, I married one of those adorable little boys. I hope you all will come back on Thursday to see what he looked like in the crazy 80s!


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