Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mallozzi-Zarges Wedding, Part 2: At the Church

The pictorial record of the wedding of Delia Mallozzi and William Zarges, July 1946, Stamford, Connecticut, continues: 

Delia and her father arriving at the church

The bride and her father start down the aisle

A ritual farewell to her parents

Just married!

Maid of honor, Mary Mallozzi, with the best man (name unknown)


  1. Hi Clairz, I love your photo reminds me of my mom and dad photo when they are married. I love your header too I wish I had a photo like that. What I noticed those times and even in my parents generation women wore dress all the time. Unlike now we all wore jeans, slacks or trouser even going to the church. By the way, thanks for the visit I do appreciate it. (SWF)

  2. These photos are a time capsule of the fashion of the day. Old wedding photos always interest me, and these really tell a story. Nice!

  3. Beautiful photos--Delia looks so much like my own mother--uncanny!


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