Friday, August 27, 2010

My Daddy Was a Chevy Man

Back when the world was a much simpler place, I can remember my father telling me that folks were either Chevy people or Ford people, because those were pretty much the most popular choices back in the 1940s and 1950s. I remember a Hudson somewhere back then, parked in front of our house, but when my dad had a choice of used cars, he would always pick a Chevy. He trusted them. 

People were proud of their cars and often managed to get them into their photos. Here are a few that I found in our family albums. 
A glamour shot of my mom, probably taken while she and my dad were still dating

Me and my dog, Pete. This might have been taken at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This is the only photo I know of containing Alphie, the peculiarly featureless stuffed creature that I loved so much. 

Me again and a neighborhood boy named Billy, Jimmy, or Jerry. You will notice that my dog Pete is almost always in my photos, as she (yes, Pete was a she) was my constant and loyal companion and protector. 


  1. First, I have to say these photos are just...mmm...what's the word? Charming! Yes, they have a charm that draws the reader in to look for more, read more, know more. It's my kind o' thing! Pete was a she; Alfie has a name but that's his/her only defined feature; and your momma was a little hottie! So cute, leaning on that car. I have a similar one of my mom. Great post.

    And the cherry on top: you're from good stock! Chevy people. I just knew it; you can't hide a thing like that!

  2. Deb, your hottie momma comment is cracking me up. It makes me realize why my dad was always so anxious when I got home from a date but didn't come into the house right away--he knew why those car windows were steaming up! Hey, that gives me an idea for another post...

  3. I had a hairstyle just like yours in the last were so cute and smiley!


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