Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Some Late August Birthdays

For some reason, just looking at birth dates like this makes me feel connected to a whole lot of people. These are names from the Crabtree ancestors (my mother's family) and from my husband Bill's Mallozzi/Zarges ancestors. Click on any name to see a profile, and on "share tree" to see each family tree.

27 Aug 1924: Lois Stockson [share tree]
Lois was my mother's sister. I really loved the sound of her voice. 

Kinney siblings; Richard is on the right in the back row

Richard was my great grand uncle. He was the son of "Sugar John" Kinney who brought his little 15-year old wife down the frozen St. John River in 1835 in a sled pulled by a Newfoundland dog. 

Mary is on the left with an unknown sailor at her sister, Delia's wedding.
Mary never married. 

30 Aug 1912: Mary Mallozzi [share tree]
Mary was the sister of Bill's mother, Delia Mallozzi Zarges. She came to America from Italy on the ship, The Roma, in 1927 or 1928. Our family stayed at her house in Stamford, Connecticut many times, and even lived there for part of one year. She lived to be 97 years old.

30 Aug 1928: Arnold McLellan [share tree]
Arnold was my maternal first cousin, son of my mother's sister, Alma Crabtree McLellan. He died in 2010. 

31 Aug 1885: Everett Crabb [share tree]
Everett was born a Crabb but later became a Crabtree after the family changed its name in 1910. He was my grand uncle (brother of my grandfather David J. Crabtree, Sr.) and died the same year I was born. 

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