Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How I Am [Somewhat] Related to Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

If you have ever wondered if you might be related to someone famous, just visit WikiTree, a free and collaborative genealogical community, and enter the information for your family tree. WikiTree has a cool feature that will spell out your relationship with practically anyone you can think of.

Of course, there are two ways people can be connected--by blood or through marriage. American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and I are not connected by blood, but WikiTree has laid out how we are connected by marriage through my father's line--and we are just 17 degrees apart. 

According to WikiTree: "14,141,698 people are connected within 100 degrees of each other on our global family tree."

For an explanation of how the Connection Finder works, just go to

Alexander Hamilton's connection to me:

Alexander Hamilton ➡️ his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler ➡️ her brother, Philip Schuyler ➡️ his wife, Mary Sawyer ➡️ her father, Micajah Sawyer ➡️his father, Enoch Sawyer ➡️
his father, Stephen Sawyer ➡️ his sister, Ruth Sawyer ➡️ her son, Philip Morse ➡️his daughter,
Mary Morse ➡️ her son, Asa Emerson ➡️ his daughter, Lydia Emerson ➡️ her son, George
Tupper ➡️ his daughter, Juliaett Tupper ➡️ her husband (my great grandfather), Oscar Ellis ➡️ his daughter (my grandmother), Eva Ellis ➡️ her son (my father), Daniel Harris ➡️ his daughter, 
Clair Harris Zarges (me). 

We can also look at the relationship with photos, paintings, and links to profiles of some the people involved:

Alexander Hamilton

Elizabeth Schuyler
(his wife)→
Philip Schuyler
(her brother)→
Mary Sawyer
(his wife)→
Micajah Sawyer
(her father)→
Enoch Sawyer
(his father)→
Stephen Sawyer
(his father)→
Ruth Sawyer
(his sister)→
Philip Morse
(her son)→
Mary Morse
(his daughter)→
Asa Emerson
(her son)→
Lydia Emerson
(his daughter)→
George Tupper
(her son)→
Juliaett Tupper
(his daughter)→
Oscar Ellis
(her husband)→
Eva Ellis
(his daughter)→
Daniel Harris
(her son)→
Clair Harris
(his daughter)

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