Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mother and Child, 1945

My Mother, Elva Crabtree Harris [later Rodriguez]
and me, Clair Harris [later Zarges]

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  1. From my half-sister, Joan:
    What a beautiful photo-- reminds me a bout meeting your Mom for the first time-- took a little time for me to warm up ( I think I didn't understand or want to the relationship at the time) but as time went by I thought her to be a most wonderful, sweet, caring, moral, and very intelligent woman --very right for my Dad.

    She was so nice to me and being a teacher at heart tried to help me in many ways . Small things --sewing --cooking and just trying to be my friend meant so much to me and giving me the attention I needed at the time . I knew I could depend on her if I needed anything


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