Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Communion, circa1956

This is what I hope will be one of the first of a series of digitized videos made from my husband's family's 16 mm home movies. It shows the first communion procession into St. Cecilia's Church on Weed Hill Ave. in Stamford, Connecticut around the year 1956.

If our kids are looking at this and trying to get oriented, this is the site of the old St. Cecilia's Church. We attended the new St. Cecilia's on Newfield Ave. when we visited Stamford many, many years after this movie was made.

At first, it's hard to spot my husband, Bill, as a young lad, but he is one of the blond boys. The camera follows him for a bit as he is on his way up the ramp.

I love watching for the little bits of devilment going on with a couple of the boys. Billy was well-behaved and on task - a surprise to those of us who know him well!


  1. I'll have to watch this with you some time so you can point out our Billy for me. Those are some well behaved boys and girls! I did catch the little shenanigans amongst the boys though.

  2. Love this! I think I saw Dad...the hair and ears! I have those ears too...

    Thank you for posting I love watching these!!!


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